Frequency by Jon Damon

Detoxification is the Sliver Bullet for Optimal Health-

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The light and harmony that is inside of each of us needs to be brought forward. It is my purpose to help you bring fourth your own inner light. I hope the information here will open you up to the idea of being able to heal, come back into touch with your true self, and experience the profound impact detoxification will have on your life.  Please use the contact page to get in touch.   

The Divine Mother is everywhere.
She is in everything.
She is the divine essence that lives within all beings.
Her domain is the field of life, for she gives
to all beings the sustenance that is needed for life.

Her beauty lives in the natural world,
and spans the universes in all their splendor.
She has been called by many names,
for all traditions recognize her.
Into each consciousness the knowledge is given
of the sacredness of life. 
This sacredness is the Mother.
She is the holy generator of the physical world,
joined to the heart and soul of every living thing.
All of the Earth is one with her.
All beings of the Earth owe their life to her,
for she is the mother of all, the one who bestows
all gifts of life.
Her gifts come to the deserving and to the
non-deserving alike, for the sun does not choose
upon whom to shine.
She is the source of divine blessing, the part
of the oneness that bestows the graces that fill life.
We have not seen her because her being is
cloaked in silence.
She emerges now as part of the oneness where
she has always resided, blessing all, giving to all.
All who bow before her are sustained by the life
within them.
All who honor her are sustained by life's gifts
both within themselves and beyond.
The purpose of existence is to join with life that lives
in all dimensions and all realms of being.
It is the Mother that creates this evolving,
this unfolding journey,
for she is the fabric of time itself,
the means by which all things grow.
She is the template for life that exists within her --
the substance and form of all that shall ever come to be.
May all be blessed by the blessings of the
Divine Oneness.

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